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Flight Testing for RPL and PPL 

Are you ready for your flight test?

If so I can conduct your CASA test for either your Recreational Pilot Licence or your Private Pilot Licence.

The test involves the following:

  • a review of your documents and your flight school training file

  • the Ground Component where you are tested on the questions on the applicable CASA form

  • the Flight Component where you are tested in flight on the sequences and activities listed on the applicable CASA form

  • the review of your performance for each component of the test

  • completion of the CASA forms and submission to CASA

When your flight training school advises that you are ready to sit the test they will contact a CASA approved Flight Examiner to arrange a test day. You can request that the school use a specific Flight Examiner.

I am available to conduct tests at Bankstown or Camden in NSW. 


I can also conduct tests throughout NSW or elsewhere in Australia if your school is unable to source a locally based Flight Examiner. 

To understand the items you will be tested on download the applicable test form below.

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