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Aeronautical Radio Certificate









Who actually needs an AROC?

CASR 64.035 requires a person wishing to transmit on the radio frequencies used in aviation to hold an Aeronautical Radio          Operators Certificate (AROC) unless you are authorised under another regulation such as Part 61 (for pilots).

People who typically need an AROC include ground handlers, B1 and B2 licensed aircraft maintenance engineers who operate radios when taxiing or towing  aircraft or testing aircraft radios, RPAS operators, some aerodrome personnel and some people involved in emergency service operations.

How do I get an AROC?


To be granted an AROC you must:

  • be at least 17 years old

  • have received the appropriate AROC training

  • have been assessed as meeting the AROC competency standards

  • have a current English Language Proficiency Assessment - Level 4, 5 or 6

AROC Training for Non Pilots

I can deliver a 4 hour training and assessment course that includes the following:

Theory Components

  • operation of aeronautical radio systems

  • radio waves - describe the basic principles and characteristics of radio waves, wave propagation, transmission and reception

  • describe the limitations of VHF and HF signals and factors affecting quality of reception and range of signal

  • aviation phraseology

A full description of the required knowledge is provided here: 





A short theory examination is administered and you are required to achieve at least 70% to pass. Further oral questioning will be conducted on the questions answered incorrectly.


English Language Proficiency

You will be required to either already hold a pass in English Language Proficiency or I can conduct the assessment on the day. 


This will incur an extra fee. For more information go here.

Post Course Administration

Processing, submitting and paying CASA for all paperwork and the certificate.




Approximately 4.0 hours.

Course Numbers

The course can be conducted either one on one or in small groups at your facilities or at a place convenient to you.


Call to discuss options and to book a training package.

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